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  • Sound, Sync & SEO

    November 16, 2019 by

    After conducting extensive research into the famous Manchester warehouse project, its search engine optimization and many poor jokes (our personal favourite: what do vegetarians say at a rave? – Lettuce Turnip the beet *insert two drums and a symbol*.) We have produced a detailed report of our findings. All that joking aside, we know that the Warehouse Project excels on social media boasting a large following of 113K on Instagram alone. However, despite its popularity on sites such as Twitter and Facebook it is clear to see that it suffers when it come to search engine optimization (SEO). After a… Read more Continue reading Sound, Sync & SEO

  • Are You a Real Raver? – Warehouse Edition

    November 15, 2019 by

    WHP communication WHP This week we have been looking at the Warehouse project in Manchester. This report is based on the well-loved and frequently sold out event Manchester Warehouse project (WHP) it investigates how the WHP uses communication channels and its social media presence looking into how it drives awareness and sales to sell out its events. Instagram – WHP_Mcr The warehouse project uses Instagram as a channel of communication to its followers, the warehouse project communicates with its followers daily about the events that it will be having in advanced to give people that are interested weeks’ notice to get their tickets before the event begins. The different posts will be the line-up for the event that they are having and the… Read more Continue reading Are You a Real Raver? – Warehouse Edition

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